Civil Air Patrol - Parkland Cadet Squadron


Welcome to the Parkland Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) website.  I would like to start by thanking you for visiting our on-line location.  If you are a first time visitor know we want you to understand who we are and what we do for our school community, state and nation.  Please use this website as a way of exploring CAP activities at the grass roots.  If you are a unit member, know that I greatly appreciate and value your participation.   You know, as I do, that the greatest part of the Civil Air Patrol is the feeling you get when you realize that you've made a difference at school and within your community.

This website serves to assist us in maintaining good communication throughout the week and during your journey as a Cadet. I am excited to have been around at the inception of the website and we will continue to explore and refine this communications capability.

Remember our squadron motto, Ad astra, “to the stars” or sic itur ad astra, "thus one journeys to the stars".  Your journey to the stars can start with the Parkland Cadet Squadron.




Squadron vision

"To be one of the most active, accomplished and fun middle school squadrons in the nation.  The Parkland Cadet Squadron will always help prepare young cadets for the challenges of a science enriched curriculum of followership and leadership.    We shall continue to establish ourselves as the first best start to scholastic excellence and the joy of learning.  We choose as our motto:  Ad astra, a Latin phrase, meaning "to the stars".  The phrase has origins with Virgil, who wrote “sic itur ad astra”, thus one journeys to the stars, from the Aeneid.




Squadron Mission

To foster an enthusiastic, happy and challenging environment where a broad base of young cadets can develop a passion for the sciences finely honed through self-discipline and a sense of patriotism.  We will maintain a motivated cadet squadron who strives to possess technical skills, a can-learn spirit and a talent for selflessness.